Wednesday 31 January 2018

V8 Land Rover Defender County 90 XS 4.8L V8 Manual. Special build.

Sellers Comments -
Built on a new Richards galvanised V8 chassis (not a mucked about diesel chassis) with a tuned Range Rover 4.8 litre engine the Defender was specially built at very high cost and is fast and reliable.  Rather than describe it I'll list out the specification as follows:

4.8 litre Range Rover V8
S4DJE cylinder heads 
Large valves
Double valve springs 
Titanium retainers
Adjustable push rods
Heavy duty timing gear
DJE220 cam shaft 
Chevrolet high rev hydraulic lifters
Serpentine front cover with high pressure crank driven oil pump and hd distributer 
Performance port matched Edelbrock inlet manifold 
500cfm Edelbrock carburretor and high performance electric fuel pump
MSD high power ignition and HT leads
Catch tanks to engine breathers 
14" Edelbrock air filter
Ballanced front damper
Lightened and balanced fly wheel
Allisport radiator 
Tubular 4 into 1 stainless port matched manifolds
Twin stainless exhaust system with high flow silencers
Twin outlets behind rear wheels
Dyno'd at over 300bhp

LT85 Ashcroft 5 speed gearbox
LT230 Ashcroft transfer box with Range Rover ratio
Roverdrive overdrive 
Heavy duty clutch with balanced flywheel 
Traction control

Richards Galvanised V8 Defender 90 chassis
NAS tow step
Uprated suspension 1" lift
Terrafirma steering damper
Terrafirma diff guard

New XS County body with 1 piece doors
Electric windows
Epsom Green
SVX alloy wheels fitted with 265/75x16 B F Goodrich tyres
Sill protectors and mud flaps
SVX Grille and lamp surrounds

XS Interior, 2 front seats, 4 fold down rear seats
Part leather
Heated seats
Front and rear heated screens
Central locking
Air conditioning
Navsure satnav/radio/DVD player with retractable 7" screen
Bluetooth phone
Rear camera
Additional oil temp, transmission temp, oil pressure gauges and rev counter

The Defender has been built to look fairly standard (apart from the air scoop on the bonnet!) and you could fit a Puma bonnet if you want a completely standard look.  The mechanicals have been built for strength, performance and reliability.  It sounds like a V8 should........    I have been using this as a daily driver with no problems at all.  It will cruise at 70mph at in overdrive at 2000rpm, is easy to drive and will do everything a Defender should do, but better.  It has traction control and anti-lock brake system.  It runs on standard unleaded but has been prepared for LPG and will come with a gas tank, if you want it.  It is MOT'd until February 2019.  It has covered less than 10,000 miles since build.  It is correctly registered as a 4.8L and road tax is £245 a year.  It is USA exportable.