Tuesday 2 January 2018

Sound Noise Deadening Proofing Mat Land Rover Defender Series killer Insulation

Sellers Comments -

Sound Noise Deadening Proofing Mat Land Rover Defender Series killer Insulation 

Many uses when restoring Land Rovers!

Size of panels - (S) 100cm x 123cm x 1cm, (M) 100 x 150cm x 1cm, 

(L) 100cm x 200cm x 1cm, (XL) 100cm x 300cm x 1cm.

Key Product Features
1) Light Weight (Approx 750gsm)
2) Heat Insulation ( helps to keep the vehicle warm inside - thanks to the foil membrane ).
3) Sound Insulation - Provides results you can hear! 
4) Waterproof (The rubber is closed cell and so does not absorb water like a sponge)
5) Flame retardant
6) Interior or Exterior use (Can be used in under bonnet applications)
7) Odour Free 
8) Self adhesive ( peel off backing sheet )
9) Easy to cut and form into tight complex areas

This easy to install high performance, laminate thermal & acoustic insulation is ideal for upgrading your Land Rover

Suitable for the following applications:

1) Lining the inside of exterior panels to help keep vehicle warm and quiet
2) Under bonnet sound deadening
3) Insulating water tanks 
4) Fitting under floors as an acoustic and thermal underlay
5) Fitting on the inside of doors to reduce noise transmission and vibration
6) Forming gaskets & seals around doors

Once fitted this product will improve the ride quality in your Land Rover by reducing mid and high frequency noises including engine noise, exhaust noise, tyre whine, road noise.  This specially designed acoustic and thermal insulator will dramatically improve the overall refinement and sound quality of your Land Rover.
As well as improved vehicle acoustics this high performance multi-layer thermal insulator will ensure engine heat entering the cabin is reduced and can protect your bonnet from discolouration.

Please ensure that the area you fit this product doesn't exceed 180 degrees peak temperature!

Product Dimensions:

Size: As Selected in Variation
Area: As Selected in Variation 
Nominal Thickness: 10mm

Typical Tem
perature Stability:

-40°C to +180°C