Friday 28 July 2017

Land Rover Series 3 88"county station wagon

Sellers Comments -
For sale is my 1982 Land Rover 88" series 3 county station wagon. in russet brown, 2.3 5 bearing diesel engine.
This has gone through a 2 year restoration. 
Not like the other adds that claim a
Full restoration. Ground up restoration. Full nut and bolt restoration. Then when you look at them they have done half a job. Three quarters at best. 
This is a proper full restoration with no stone left unturned. Every thing that could come apart has been apart and restored. Fixed or renewed using original new old stock parts where possible. All rebuilt on a Richards galvanised chassis. 
The engine has been stripped down and had many new parts. The head was sent away and skimmed and had new core plugs fitted. It's had new pistons and rings. Bores re big end and main bearing shells, Stripped of paint and gunk and re painted in its original colour. It's also been to a Land Rover specialist to have the timing sorting out and now runs as it should. 
It's had a full new uk made wiring loom fitted. A full body fixing kit that consisted of 1000's of correct nuts bolts washers and other fixings. The gear box was also stripped and checked over and received a new clutch. New uk made handed parabolic springs. Axels all stripped cleaned and greased. All new seals and gaskets. All the body panels are original apart from new doors. Still retains the original sundim glass. Wheels are the original along with the 7 seats. All new sound deadening and correct hardura matting in the front. All body panels were stripped and sent off for painting inside and out. All the interior county spec trim was sent off and re made and recovered. The roof was also sent away to have the correct roof lining made and fitted by an ex employee of exmoor trim. Has all it's original roof vents. All the galvanised trim has been away and re galvanised. Retains its original colour of russet brown with correct county stripes. 5 brand new tyres. 
These are the main points. the land rover has done 32,000 miles, i cant prove this is genuine but the bloke who made the roof lining who worked at exmoor trim said the seats are all original with the original foam and said in his opinion that it had not had a great deal of use looking at the seats and thought the millage could well be correct, but as the engine has been stripped its as good as new so the millage shouldnt matter to much,You will see what else has been done in the list of new parts. Be warned. It's long. and you would never believe there could be so many parts to a land rover, i have all the receipts for the parts bought, so here goes.
galvanised chassis with removable gearbox cross member 
X2 door bottoms.
X2 door tops.
X2 foot wells.
X2 floor plates, 
bonnet rest strip
full nut and bolt fixing kit
full set of seals 
full set of window channels
new rear tub floor
X3 rear tub cross members
X3 rear tub top hat supports 
speedo  cable 
full engine hose set
X2 headlights
all new indicators,reverse, fog and brake lights
X4 axle straps
pedal rubbers
X2 bulkhead feet
X4 bump stops
X2 inner mud shields
X3 wiper blades and arms
shackle plate pins and bushes 
X4 shockers
baring seals and retainers
X2 door pillar repair sections
number plate light
rear reflectors
gear knobs.
interior door handles
X4 parabolic springs
engine mounts
track rod ends and ball joints
X2 front bumper towing eyes
new galvanised radiator panel 
new radiator 
diff seals
door hinge gaskets 
rocker cover gasket
new uk made full wiring loom
steering relay
shocker bushes, split pins and washers
new brake pipes made with all new bits,
new brake pads.
steering tube,drag links and track rods
engine gasket set
fuel lift pump
heater control valve
front crank seal
gig end baring shell set
all new piston and rings
brake hose brackets
brake hoses and unions
brake master cylinder with duel line
X2 bulkhead brackets
injectors refurbed with new nozzles
battery holder.
swivel gaiter kit
air cleaner hose
heater plugs
oil filter
fan belt
hand brake drum seal
X2 oil filter seals
X2 sills and end pieces 
clutch and brake pedal seals
X2 clock/speedo glass and surround bezels and seals
X2 bulkhead vent handles
clutch master slave cylinder kit
half shaft inner swivel baring  
spline axle drive member kit
brake shoe springs
rear brake cylinders
swivel shims
swivel to stub gaskets
drive member hub gaskets
swivel service kit
front half shaft seal collar
window glazing kit
X3 door handle  and lock sets
front grill
front sound proofing kit
front hardura proper matting set
X2 head light bowls
interior mirror 
rear lift handles 
X4 hub caps
X3 door card sets.
heater glow plug resister
galvanised front bumper 
full new exhaust and hanging kit
new wheel nuts
all new door lock strikers
windscreen washer jets
indicator and horn stalk
X2 proper mudflaps
interior light
swivel pins and arms
heater motor insulation cowl
X2 wing vents
county stripes and decals
fuel tank gasket set
front number plate bracket
land rover tub badge
T pipe connectors
duct pipe
and brake plunger button
oil pressure switch
glow plug wires
gearbox reverse light switch
X2 front seat belt kit
door hinge pins
front window catches
body stay bracket set, galvanised
front vent seals
roof spacers
steering column bearings
manifold clamp
master cylinder pipe clutch
handbrake return leaver spring
X5 new mud tryes
bonnet striker pin
rear seat retainer straps
engine fuel pipes
gearbox studs
all new dash light bulbs
windscreen washer bottle with motor and bracket
bulkhead chassis plate
fuel stop cable
windscreen washer hose
heater control knobs and cables
rear tub carpet and matt
swivel pin drain plugs
steering box cover
new tow bar connector and electrics
indicator flasher relay and flasher
wash wiper switch
center dash plate
2" center clock
butterfly valve 
X2 sun visors.
there are many more smaller thing too but my fingers ache now.

the seats are all original, rear seats have had all the bases remade and metal work painted and galvanised fixing re galvanised,

roof vents have been stripped down,freed and re galvanised, 
everything that can be done has been done, there are no old tatty parts on it, its a real show piece, and you will see this if you come look at it, there is so so much more i could say about it but i think the add is long enough now, no doubt there will be things iv missed so please feel free to ask any questions,

This Land Rover has been done with no expense spared. I have over 2000 pictures of its progress. I have around £13000 worth of parts in this and over £3000 In having the engine and gearbox stripped and re built. In Total including to cost if the vehicle it currently stands me at around £18.000 but try finding another one like it.  

I'm sure any serious buyer will come look at it. But if not I can send as many pictures as you like. This is idea to import as this year is fine for import. This would have to be sorted out by the buyer. I can have it transported anywhere in the country at buyers cost. As for a quote.
land rover is at my house in the garage and can be viewed at the weekend of any evening, im in no rush to sell and realise that it may take time to find the right genuine buyer, anyone with less than 5 feedback please contact me first or i will have to cancel your bid,
any questions please ask, or to request more photos, or call me on 07990576168, if i dont answer its because i will be at work during the day but please leave your name and number and i will call you back.
car is in burley in wharfedale LS29.
please bid with confidence as i have 100% feedback over many many years on ebay.  iv had this land rover valued by 3 London classic car auction houses and the between the 3 the estimate in auction is between £17,500 to £25,000 with the right buyers in the room