Friday, 14 July 2017

Land Rover 1971 Series 2A LPG Petrol Tax Exempt with Sankey Trailer Full MOT

Sellers Comments - Series 2A Land Rover, with dual fuel capability. 109" 4x4 LWB. Manufactured in 1971, it is now 46 years old and still going strong. Everything works as it should. It is used mainly for the occasional big shop, trip down the beach, the odd show, or just mooching around with the kids, because they love it with the top down, or just opened up. Everything is good, bulkhead, chassis, it's been welded here and there, there is some aluminium corrosion, it has a dent in the rear o/s, and bears the scars of a 46 year old, weeps a bit of oil, but nothing to worry about between services, but most endearingly, has not yet failed an MOT. It has had the odd advisory over the years, but they are always dealt with before the next MOT. It has manual locking front hubs, overdrive, and a hand throttle, should you wish to add a power take off. I have owned it now for 14 years and it has NEVER let me down. It had 44 something, thousand miles on the clock when I bought it, which I have no idea was genuine or not. Now it has nearly 88,000. It is bouncy, rattly, draughty, leaky, smelly, slow, scruffy, all in, it is just a posh tractor but I love it. In my view, the best 4x4 by far. I now though, have to part with it, for something more sleek, and kinder to my old bones. When I bought it, it had just had some new foot wells fitted, which I still haven't got round to painting. I still have the paint though. It also had an unleaded cylinder head fitted too and LPG. It has slightly wider than stock, Wella wheels, with good tyres. Last year, soft ride springs were fitted all round, which are anything but soft, unless it is loaded. Drive over a Cherry pip at speed and you will hit your head on the roof. I am sure they will soften with time. I also replaced the full canvas top, with a Dutch Military, rubberised canvas one. They last twice as long as the regular canvas version, for the same money, if you can find one. It comes with the truck cab too, and a 3 1/4 canvas to go with it, which I some times fit in the winter months, if it gets cold. Or you can just take the lot off, fold the screen onto the bonnet, and enjoy the lovely hot summer days with the wind and the bugs in your face. No surprise the farmers loved this pick up, you can't do that with a Nissan, or similar, can you. Also included, are the 2 seats where the gas tank is now, it was a 7 seater once. There is also a spare tail gate, with a pick and shovel attached, should you want to go to any of the shows, or off roading. Also included is a brass, ex military, radio mast, hand pump and fittings, should you like to spend months in the wilds, and you get a puncture. There are some door rubbers too, should you wish to fit them. Included in the sale is a scruffy, but perfectly usable, very sturdy, no rot, Sankey Trailer, to load all your camping gear, dump the garden rubbish down the tip, etc. I have a few other spares too. New brake shoes and cylinders, glass, in case the screen goes, alternator and starter motor, knackered, but ready for nipping down to autoparts, for that recon exchange when you suspect a failure, and more I can not remember. I have all the MOT tickets. Etc etc. I do recommend you view the vehicle prior to bidding, for your own peace of mind. To arrange a viewing, I can be contacted on, 07732 771207. 18.00 to 06.00 is good, as I work a night shift at the moment. So, you are bidding for a healthy Land Rover package. Happy bidding. I have also advertised locally so will cancel this auction if it sells.