Sunday 30 July 2017

Land Rover Series 2a station wagon Genuine Ex-Post Office Radio Service.

Sellers Comments -
Here we have my much cherished Ex-Post Office Radio Service Series 2a, which I have owned for the past 17 years.
The colour scheme that she is presented in, along with the text and serial numbers are all correct to her service days at Radio Station Leafield in Oxfordshire. To all appearances she is as she was in service, which includes the PTO-driven, factory installed Mayflower winch on the front bumper.
There are however a few permissible modifications:
  • The road springs are parabolic, giving a better ride and better cornering.
  • The door tops are ex-military, which, personally I prefer to the originals.
  • Heated windows are installed front and rear (but not wired in).
  • An alternator has been installed along with conversion to negative earth.
  • Steering wheel has been changed for a 15" Mountney, so the indicator stalk is from a SIII.
  • Headlights upgraded to high intensity.
  • Driving lights added.
Within the past 12 months considerable money has been spent on keeping her on the road, and prior to the M.O.T.:
  •  An electrical issue was resolved with the replacement of the fuse box.
  • Clutch slave cylinder and associated pipework replaced.
  • Wiper motor replaced with New old stock.
  • Rear cross member replaced.
  • N/S/F out rigger replaced.
  • Front flexi brake hoses replaced.
  • N/S/F brake pipe replaced.
  • O/S/F track rod end dust cover replaced.
  • Fuel lift pump replaced.
  • Starter motor replaced.
  • Coil replaced.
  • Solenoid replaced.
  • Full service, including greasing ball joints and replacing spark plugs and oil filter.
Having discovered that this Landy had an authentic 'Post Office' history, I contacted the Post Office Vehicle Owners Club, to whom I am indebted for the following information:
Your Land Rover was one of a batch of sixty with Post Office serials (fleet numbers) 203304 to 203363, yours being 203356
It became 69 621 3356 in the 1971 renumbering (year type code serial), then becoming 69 367 3356 in 1982 when Land Rovers were given type codes designating model and fuel
It was new in Brilliant Yellow inside and out (ref BS356 in the old BS381C colour range) and galvanised bumpers, with lettering in Light Bronze Green on vinyl patches
Vehicles of this period normally carried POST OFFICE TELEPHONES
                                                                    TELEPHONE MANAGER

 however yours was unusual in being new to the External Telecomms Executive at Leafield Radio Station, and would have had a non-standard inscription, possibly
                                                               POST OFFICE RADIO SERVICE
                                                                            RADIO STATION
or something similar, possibly including the ETE title.
It replaced 17474, SXH 348, an 86" hardtop van which started life as a mail van.
These vans were generally used by cabling parties and towed a trailer winch, accompanied by a larger utility vehicle carrying the tools and towing a cable drum trailer, however yours would have been used for a variety of duties around the radio station
After withdrawal from normal service it was retained at Oxford Telephone Motor Transport Workshop as a garage runabout.
Please note that I understand this to be the last remaining Post Office Radio Service land rover in existence.
So, thank you for looking at my listing, and if nothing else, hope you found it informative.
The usual admin stuff applies here; If you bid, you bid to buy. Any non-paying bidder WILL be reported to eBay. Advertised elsewhere, so may be withdrawn without notification.
Winner to pay a deposit of £250 by paypal within 24 hours, the balance preferably in cash or by bank transfer.
This vehicle is NOT for export - For Sale only within the U.K.
Any inspection is welcome, If you are a serious buyer, please come and have a ride around before bidding. - contact in the 1st instance via eBay messaging.
Thanks for looking and Happy bidding!!