Sunday 22 January 2017

LAND ROVER SERIES 3, 88, 1972, SOFT TOP, TAX EXEMPT, ROVER 3.5 V8, 4x4 Offroad

For sale is my 1972 Series 3 Land Rover which is tax exempt (Historic Vehicle class) with a petrol 3.5 Rover V8 (SD1).

I have not driven it for 6 years now and spent 4 years stored in my garage. I have since purchased a further 2 toys which has now evicted it to the driveway and I no longer have time to use it for what its designed for.

The previous owner had completed a ground up restoration on it and have all photos/dvd of what he had done. It was also featured on the front page of the Land Rover Monthly magazine with an article about it, which I still have.

From memory it has the following;

Suffix D series 3 Gearbox (i think). Yellow and red levers. Also has an overdrive
Kenlowe electric fan (Comes on at certain temp, with a manual override)
New front half shafts 
Replaced both diffs for a better ratio
8500lb electric winch run from a separate battery (Has a switch to redirect the charge from alternator to each battery) - I have never used it but was working with remote when I bought the Land Rover.
2 x Cobra bucket seats with custom made Land Rover fabric in front and 4 x fold-up seats in rear each with the same custom made Land Rover fabric
Heavy duty spare wheel carrier on rear door.
I remember that the soft top cover was made from a special type of canvas but do not recall...
Rocky mountain suspension - Leaf springs
4 x driving lamps on roof (detachable)
PA system with aerial 
35" Goodyear Wrangler Tyres (35x12.50R15) - Rarely needs to be in 4WD mode with these
Stainless steel twin exhaust system 
New Radiator

As already mentioned, I have not driven this since 2011 and has been stored mostly in garage until recently. It ran fine back then and it starts and moves now (Jump started due to old battery), however I will not say its a runner or runs smooth as I don't know and it has no MOT, tax or insurance to test drive. I would therefor treat this as a running project that may need some mechanical work and a good service to be able to drive on the road. 

This Land Rover is made for offroading and never let me down for the few times I went green laning and to Salisbury plain. It was a beast of a vehicle with a loud v8 rumble which never got boring to hear. I also used it as a commuter to work in the summer, with drum brakes all round, no power steering and 35" wheels it always kept you on your toes which for me was the best part of driving it.

Things required to fix/fit;

New battery
Hazard lights don't work but individual indicators do work (Possibly flasher unit needs replacing)
Currently the snorkel is not connected to the carbs but I do have the pipe and fittings for it
Paintwork is a bit scabby all round with grazes from trees here and there from green laning
The Kenlowe fan has been taken off to fit the new radiator and was never put back on. I do have new fittings for it though
The grille also needs bolting back on after fitting the fan

Has no MOT, and with no test drive I cannot say its roadworthy so please consider transporting it!

Viewing is highly recommended. Cash on collection is preferred with a £200 deposit through Paypal upon winning the auction.

Any questions please feel free to email...

Good luck and thanks for looking.