Monday 16 January 2017


Sellers Comments - Here we have my ex british rail land rover 110 up for sale

I have recently purchased it but its taking up more room than i though in a workshop where im supposed to be making money and not filling it with projects!!

This is a project and will need a good strip down and rebuild

I purchased it with the intention to rebuild it with a galv chassis and bulkhead and do something that ive always wanted to do
Build it my way and know its done right

However now is not the right time for me so reluctantly its now up for sale

So its a 1986 2.5 non turbo, i know the previous owner
it was driven to its last resting spot 15 years ago and parked up after he moved house
it doesnt run at present, the engine is free, seems to have decent compression and i cant see why it wont start, given the state of the chassis etc there is not a good enough earth for it to turn over but im sure with a few adjustments here and there she will turn over

When we moved it the wheels had locked up so we freed those up and it now roles with a good push so can at least be trailered etc with ease

the body is great, the paint job always seems to get noticed when someone walks in although its not the original paint, the original can be seen underneath and is the british rail yellow

underneath is where the work is, this wants a new chassis, ive not bothered with pics, its the worst ive seen and it needs replacing (it is not repairable)
the bulkhead isnt too bad, needs footwells and the gearbox tunnel needs a bit of work, door pillars etc are in good nick

the doors are not great at the bottom and could do with being replaced

i dont have the v5, the last owner missed it, you will need to do a v62, i will provide a full receipt of payment etc
i have the keys for the 110

the vin plate and numbers are clear etc, 

all in all its complete and its a project that needs a full rebuild

it will roll and can be winched onto a trailer etc and i will do what i can to help load etc this end, 
i put a battery on it and all the lights work which i was amazed at,

collection only from east ayrshire scotland
cash on collection only
a deposit of £200 to be paid after the auction ends
anyone with less than 10 feedback please message me a phone number first, so i know you are genuine

you bid to buy at the price you bid, not too haggle, come and see it first if you want
again its a project! not something you can drive away
although if your looking at a landy im pretty sure your either an engineer or a farmer and you know a thing or 2 about cars
unlike the saxo drivers of today that think carbon fibre wrap makes you go faster as it lightens your car