Monday, 16 February 2015

Landrover Series 1 - 1957 - 88" - 300Tdi

Here we have for sale my 1957  series 1 88"
This is being sold as i do not have the time to use it.  
This landrover has a 300 Tdi engine and later gearbox wich includes an ashcroft High ratio transfer box.
The body work has a nice used look with  the usual knocks, 
scrapes and dents as you would expect of a landrover of this age.
The chassis is very solid and has had some repairs
The bulkhead is a Radfords remanufactured replacement, which is very sold.
It has a new Hood stick set and uprated brakes.
While not being 100% original ,this is a very usable landrover that pulls well and can cope with daily traffic. 
There has been some upgradeds and later 
parts fitted to make it more usable while keeping an original look. 
There was a new clutch radiator and hoses fitted when the engine conversion was carried out.
This landrover could be kept as is, or returned to original spec, over time while being used and enjoyed.
The landrover is MOT and tax exempt and still carries its original  reg number
There is a  hood included in the sale which is blue in colour. 
The spot lamps are not wired up
This is a uk Auction only