Saturday 14 February 2015

Land Rover Series 3 (88") Tax Exempt

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Land Rover Series 3
1972 (Tax Exempt)

This is a Classic Lamd Rover Series 3. The car has undergone a lot of work (Almost a complete rebuild) recently, which is evident by the photographs in the listing.

The previous engine (Which was the 2286cc petrol) wasn't working and running rough, so it was replaced with a with a like for like one. The ignition coil system has been replaced. The old fashion points and rotor arm have been removed and replaced with a newer laser version. This makes the engine sound and tick over lovely. It's all been timed and runs exceptionally well. A new alternator has been fitted as well as the engine having a full service, filters and oil etc. new brake fluid has also been installed. A new battery has been fitted and re-located under the front passenger seat. This was done for ease of getting to it if needed. Electric wiring has also been replaced where needed. The engine compartment has slightly been moved around to allow more space to work on it for servicing and repair work. If you know much about them you will see the Alternator is on the other side and the air filter is where the battery used to be.
There is no heater fitted to the vehicle - these are cheap enough to purchase should you wish to fit one, I prefer it without one. I'm of the belief you can get a more modern one to fit inside the vehicle should you wish to, but I will leave this for the new owner to decide.

As per the photographs the bodywork is in very good condition for the year. Please understand this is a 1972 vehicle and has marks and knocks here and there. However the photograph shows good comparison to the vehicle. Both front doors have been replaced with new ones. The foot wells and various under body panels have been fully replaced and painted where necessary. Three new pedals (brake/clutch/accelertor) have been fitted. The chassis is perfect. There is no rust or holes. The underside of the vehicle has been protected as has most of the chassis. The rear of the Series 3 has two bench seat frames in. I've padded seats also, but they need attaching, which is a very simple job, then it is classed as a seven seater. The rear floor panel is in very good condition. New sliding front windows have been fitted and window runners and catches all of which work great.

New brakes lines have been fitted and a full new exhaust front to back. All the tyres (5) are in good condition. The alloys aren't original, but give it a good look. All the alloys are in good condition. A lot of the rubber seals have been replaced and there are no leaks that I'm aware of, however its an old car and anything is possible.

The Series 3 has a brand new MOT until the end of January 2016. There are no advisories at all.
The mileage is currently showing a mere 18,359, I can believe this is possibly original, but can't verify this. What I can say that an MOT in July 2006 had a mileage of only 17,794 and one in July 2005 was 15,499. This is on the MOT certificate and probably on the VOSA website, should you wish to check.

I purchased this as an investment, because I know what there are worth in this condition and what it will be worth in 5 years time. I've had Land Rovers for a number of years and have two others that I use daily.
Unfortunately my mother isn't very well and has been moved to a care home, The family and I are looking for extra funds to help her, hence the sale of this lovely vehicle.

The roof and rear quarter panels will come off, via bolts and the front screen will drop down should you wish to have the safari look.

I'm happy to have the vehicle viewed and will be able to hopefully answer any questions should you have any. I believe that I've listed the vehicle as fairly as I can.

I live in Southampton. Please understand the vehicle will only be released once full payment has been made. Should you wish to pay via bank transfer, I would like three days to ensure full payment has been made. This is my advice via the bank and due to a previous incident.

With that said cash would be accepted, the new buyer can come with me to the bank to pay in the funds, as there I a lot of doggy money out there.
Sorry but I have to protect myself, which I'm sure you would.

Insurance for the vehicle costs me £53.00 for the year. It is very cost effective to run and keep, and the TAX is FREE!

A test drive is very welcome (Along with a valid drivers licence and insurance cover) in addition any inspection is welcome should you feel the need. Like I've said this isn't a brand new car, it's the same age as me but in very good condition. This is almost free motoring once purchased.

And finally should you bid, you buy the price you bid for

Thank you for taking the time to read through this