Thursday, 19 February 2015

For Sale £4250 - Land Rover Series 3 2.25 diesel new MOT, gorgeous, 1000's spent, must see!!

Sellers Comments
Land Rover Series 3, 2.25 diesel, 1977, 88500miles, 12 months MOT

Firstly I am advertising this on behalf of a friend so any questions there may be a slight delay in response.

Not quite sure where to start on this one other than you are looking at an absolutely gorgeous series 3 land rover. 

This vehicle is in exceptional condition for its age, the chassis as you can see from the pictures is solid with no corrosion and can even be waxoiled (protected) should you want this however it currently is bare and welcomes inspection. 

This series has recently passed its MOT and along with 1000's of pounds worth of receipts comes with a new master cylinder, brake cylinders, shoes, brake flexis, leaf spring bushes and a new battery. 

As you can see from the pictures the only issues are the lower sections of the doors, both are the same and this really is the worst part other than the good old series brakes having to pump the pedal a few times to stop.... Drives like a dream but it is one of those vehicles you will either love or dislike, so viewings are welcome and advised. 

currently this series is on weller steel wheels with 7.50 x 16 deestone tyres however there is another set of wheels with the same size tyres however road tyres which are included with the auction. 

Dont miss this one and as ive said, there arent many out there like this in this condition. its not perfect but with some paintwork and a slight tinker here or there can be!!