Monday 23 February 2015

Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 County Double Cab DC, Winch, Heated seats

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Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 County

Regretful sale of my Defender 110 Td5 due to buying a newer Puma 110. I was intending to keep this vehicle for a long time but when the opportunity came to purchase a TDCi at a good price I couldn't turn it down,

When I bought it (18 months ago) it was given a full mechanical once over and once I was satisfied it was a sound vehicle I took the engine out and fitted a new crank oil seal, along with a new dual mass flywheel and clutch (genuine OEM). Once back in the engine had a new drive belt and radiator. Coolant has been renewed along with all the oils including the gearbox (Genuine Land Rover oil used), transfer box, axles (rear is a Salisbury unit), and swivels. Both engine oil filters were changed and has had an oil change every 6 months regardless of mileage, so has had an oil change every 2000 miles! Fuel and air filters changed regularly. New rear propshaft, front prop joints, rear A frame joint and drive flanges. New pads all round and two new rear wheel bearings. Anything that showed any wear was changed. 

Factory Fit ABS / Traction control / anti stall (which works off road too)

Chassis is sound with no rust and has never been welded.

Tow bar and electrics.

Bodywork has the odd dent and scratch (not from me!) but looks presentable enough.

The tyres are General Grabber 235/85 16s (x5) which were fitted less than 18 months ago. Locking wheel nuts (x5)

Raised air intake fitted properly and sealed to the intake system.

On the inside, the front seats were both retrimmed with Exmoor trim covers and new cushions were used. I also fitted the heated seat elements, the switches for which now reside in the front of the new cubby box. There are two settings for the heated seats where the standard system has one.  A new Kenwood head unit was fitted about 12 months ago along with new set of upgraded front speakers (using Mud UK speaker spacers which allow big speakers over standard). I have temporarily fitted two rear speakers. There is also a Parrot handsfree system which was professionally fitted before I bought the vehicle which works remarkably well. New mats in the rear bought a couple of weeks ago. Brand new 2015 genuine leather steering wheel.

The front winch is a genuine Warn item with an Albright remote solenoid fitted in the engine bay. I have wired the vehicle so it can either be operated via wireless remote control (x2) from the outside or from the inside using a Carling switch on the central dash. I have also fitted a master switch cut out on the front seatbox to allow the winch to be completely isolated. The feeble plastic centre dash panel has been replaced with a Mud UK one with two 12v aux sockets. I would like to have fitted the winch on my new vehicle but would have needed a new winch bumper because of the aircon.

The vehicle has a stamped part service history along with all the MOTs going back to 2005.
When looking through all the paperwork, I have added up all the money previously spent on the vehicle and there is a document trail for about £4000. This is before my ownership and I have probably spent the same amount again on it.

When I put the winch and winch bumper on, I uprated the suspension slightly so that the vehicle sat level with the additional weight of the winch on the front. This meant new springs and shocks all round.

I would like to retain the top rear flap for my new vehicle. The canopy can go with the vehicle.

I have a Nanocom diagnostic tool which shows no faults, historical or otherwise.

I also have a rebuilt high ratio transfer box from a Discovery with a brand new input gear with new bearings (£££!) which would give a better cruising speed when fitted. It was my next job to fit this but is of no use to me if the vehicle goes so you are welcome to this.

Most people reading this ad will know that production of the Defender will stop in December this year, and order books for the last of the new vehicles are filling up quick. Values of good Defenders like this one will surely rise and this is your chance to own an Icon.

I'm sure there are some other things that have been done to it that I have forgotten but if you have any questions please ask. 

Apologies to the genuine buyers, but no silly offers please. I know what the vehicle is worth and it's not the end of the world if I end up keeping it. Those with a grim feedback or no feedback at all will have their bids removed. 

I work shifts so it will probably be easier to contact me via eBay. No Paypal please. Cash or Bank transfer

Happy Bidding!!