Monday 9 February 2015

Land Rover for Sale £1500 - Land Rover Series 3

Sellers Comments
Regretfully I have to sell 'Coastie'.

She is an ex-coastguard land rover and still has the original engine with a genuine low mileage of less than 40 000.

She has been my daily drive for the last 4 years, but I can no longer afford to keep her.

I have done my own maintenance and DIY, including some rough looking welding.

Her MoT has run out, and the only things I know she'll need are a new steering relay (Bearmach one paid for and supplied to me w/c 13/2/15), the windscreen washer has stopped pumping and the brakes need bleeding and adjusting.

She is an old dear who just needs someone to give her some more TLC.

As she is SORNed you'll need a trailer to collect her.

Sometime in her future she'll need her gearbox looking at as she whines slightly  in all apart from fourth.

The tyres are avon roadmasters and i'll supply another pair of 5.5 in rims.