Saturday 21 February 2015

Land Rover series 1 one 1956 86 inch 80 88 project (original landrover defender)

Hello and welcome to my no reserve auction of this increasingly rare vehicle!
This is a great opportunity for the right person to acquire a near-complete vehicle to either restore or use for parts.

1956 86inch Series 1 Landrover
Original Hardtop.
Lovely straight body panels. They really are in good order.
Fitted with a 2.25 petrol engine at some point in its life.
Axles, gearbox, all running gear in place.
Original dash centre console.
Original lights and grille
Some original seats (rare)
Spare unused bulkhead included in sale.


Nothing surprising here - bulkhead is completely shot. Footwells none-existent and pillars full of holes.
Chassis is actually not that bad, front chassis legs (dumb irons) are rusted through and some outriggers need work but I believe it could be salvaged overall.
Engine has not been running for around 15 years. (Was running when parked up....)
No idea of gearbox condition.
Comes with ugly steel wheels and I do not have the originals, sadly.
Basically it is a typical example of a landrover which has been sat around for many years so nothing works but many things could!
The vehicle has no identification (number plate, V5 etc.) but this can be obtained with help from the Series 1 Owners Club.
Needs trailering away - do not attempt to tow it!