Friday 9 June 2017


Sellers Comments -
The Land Rover and paperwork is with me, it is UK registered although LHD The V5C is signed awaiting new owner. Interested parties will be given his details should you wish to check my authority in organising the sale. Please contact me on 07565141000 if you need any more info. The following is his comprehensive description of the history and details of the vehicle. Please read for full spec. Please note a mph speedo was fitted when the owner registered it in the UK. The actual mileage is 137k, however it was fitted prior to engine change. The new engine has only done less than 20,000 miles and can be verified by receipts and MoT's which show the current mileage. This is not a toy and has even been to the Sahara. Thank you.

W923 VHN - A brief History.
This Defender was bought in May 2000 by a nurse living in Dortmund, who made a number of modifications to it and travelled extensively, including a trip down to Croatia. He fitted it out as a camper, adding the bed and storage boxes, the Eberspacher night heater and added lights and connections for a fridge in the rear of the vehicle. I'm uncertain of the year, but was told that the vehicle took part in one of the Love Parades in Berlin in the early 2000's decked out with a huge amp and speakers.
I bought the vehicle in 2008 and immediately took it for a biking and canoeing weekend in the Ardennes - for which it proved excellent. Since then I have taken part in the Sweden Off Road Tour, a trip to Poland driving around an old Soviet Military Training Ground, Off roading in North Wales and camping in the Sahara,where it performed flawlessly. The Hannibal roof rack with ladder and swing out rear awning provides sun/rain protection at a moments notice. When the vehicle is parked the tent side can be fitted to the awning to provide a fully enclosed space where you can cook/get changed/keep the fridge at night etc. There is a second awning fitted to the side of the vehicle giving a place to sit outside under cover. (see pics)

In 2011, the cylinder head failed, badly. Faced with the option of a reconditioned or brand new engine, I opted for the latter, very expensive option - better to do the job right first time than take a chance and run into problems later with an engine of unknown provenance. The cost was 7719 Euro's and the mileage then was 78,000. It has done less than 20,000 miles. Since then it has only been used for commuting and travelling to and from the UK, when it should have been doing something a bit more exciting. The time has come for me to pass it on to a new owner, not without regret. I hope that your adventures together are as fun and memorable as the ones I have had. Please see list below of vehicle spec, spares, tools etc which come with the vehicle.

Internal bed for two people, cooker, fridge connection and solar panels.
Custom built internal storage lockers
Eberspacher diesel powered pre heater with timer and remote control
Gas cooker in rear door
Hannibal roof rack with ladder
Hannibal rear awning, side awning.
Hannibal rear tent
Additional flow-through fuel tank - full capacity 126 litres
Solar panels on roof
Dual battery/split charge system with Optima Red and Yellow batteries
Rear LED lighting
Internal power supply for fridge
External power supply for fridge
External storage locker for recovery gear/barbecue etc.

Safety and convenience
Garmin 35 dashcam with speed camera and proximity warning systems
2 fire extinguishers built in - in the passenger compartment and rear door 
Extra wide angle heated wing mirrors
EngineSaver coolant loss and engine temp monitor
LED side lights and indicators
X-Eng X lite flood and spot lights

Southdown 4x4 combined tank guard and tow mount
Front diff guard
Rear diff guard

Battery connector behind drivers seat for jump start/power take off
Alpine stereo with amp, remote control and memory stick
Built in LED Maglite with charger
Mud Stuff extra dash
Large number of spares
Nanocom diagnostic unit for Defender/TD5 engine

Spare Optima starter battery
Nanocom diagnostic tool/cable
LED fog lights
LED reversing light
Poly bush kit
Kenlowe fan
Workshop Manual
2xDrive belts
Mud pod extra binnacle for top of dash
Eberspacher filter
Eberspacher gasket
Eberspacher glow plug
Cup holder
Stainless steel door hinge
Oil pressure guage
Noise killer aghesive pads
X-eng magnetic drain plug
PCH114640 hose (genuine)
X-eng split charge system
Radiator muff (for winter - reduces airflow over engine)
Universal joint kitsx2
Cargo nets
PCH11790 hose (genuine)
PCH114600 hose (genuine)
PCH115470 hose (genuine)
SJC100460 master cylinder
Wheel bearing wrench
Drive belt spanner kit
Kinetic rope
Recovery strap
52mm hub socket
Southdown 4x4 jack/tow hitch
Southdown 4x4 towbar hitch