Friday 17 February 2017

Classic Land Rover Series 3 Lightweight 12v GS

Sellers Comments When I bought this it had a Ford 2.5 York diesel fitted but I got fed up wearing Amplivox when I was driving so I put in a very smooth running petrol engine. I know it is a 3mb and it should have a 5mb but I couldn't give up this engine. According to the B Card this one spend a number of years in storage at VSD and then served with 39 Inf Bde and 11 UDR. It is clear from the holes in every panel where the workshops bolted the macaroon to the bodywork that she was once a Mini Pig. I don't mind the holes as it shows every panel is original. It has the benefit of Fairey overdrive I have replaced the following with new: Alternator Starter Distributor Water pump All hoses Both manifolds Stainless Steel exhaus All shockers All brake slaves All brake shoes All pipes Brake master Clutch slave HD Clutch New rear seats Seat belts All floor and gear rubbers all new engine and gearbox mounts Carb All new door seals. Two NOS doors from Cyprus (£600 collected on holiday) Door tops and window runners with new locks Handbrake lock Electric cooling fan Head Gasket replaced. Saw that pistons were like new after a deck Front bumper and bumperettes All new bolts where required Battery Underwing mud shields all replaced Sourced rear and under bonnet too boxes Extra loud Italian horn Even moved the number plate back to it's original location! Everything works with the exception of the heater. It does work just the five way switch has me beat! Since the pics were taken I have replaced the tub floor and all three tub cross members. I have and will fit the car tie down hoops too. Front and rear propshafts taken off and cleaned with new gaiters although I saw today when I returned from a 100 mile trip out that the front one is ripped so I will throw in a new one Both tanks were taken off, cleaned inside and out and painted with new mount hardware Chassis is excellent. Has had new outriggers and new rear cross panel. Air vent excellent. lower Bulhead has had repairs in the past Tyres are excellent (4) I have done loads more to this Lightweight which I love because I passed my test on one in 1975 and drove one on Police duties as an MP in Sennelager, BAOR for two years.