Thursday 2 February 2017

1957 Series 1 88" 2250 petrol

Sellers Comments 1957 Series 1 88" 2250 petrol The chassis is good original condition but would benefit from x2 new outriggers and some welding on the back end. I would say a good weekend with a welder would have the chassi sorted. The bulkhead is in not too bad condition. It does have a hole on the left hand side above the vents and is starting to bubble up in places, I would recommend replacing the top trim of the bulkhead ( part available at craddocks for £90 ). The fuel tank has a leak in it so it has to be run off a temporary one, The brakes need looking at as there is nothing on the foot peddle but the hand brake works. it is fitted with overdrive, Free wheeling hubs Parabolic springs with Rocky Mountain shockers. The Landy is an ideal project for someone who has the time to strip it and rebuild although if you wanted to use it as it is you could have it back on the road in a couple of weeks. I bought this with the intention of getting it on the road and using it through the summer but I'm currently on with a mk3 rs turbo and it's got to the point where I now need to sell the Landy to get the rs finished.