Wednesday 10 August 2016


Sellers Comments - I've owned the truck for nine years, but emigrated to Australia four years ago (where I have another LR) and it has sat in my parent's garden since then.

I used the car in the UK for a few years and drove from Cardiff to London on a weekly basis without issue until the gearbox packed up.

Shortly after this I fitted a spare gearbox (appears to work fine but leaks from the sump) and started to sort out the interior as the side frames had rusted away. The bulkhead is toast and probably not worth repairing, but there are new side frames fitted (backordered from Land Rover Thames Ditton) and all the doors & door tops are the extremely rare early 110 two-piece type.

Before I bought the vehicle it was owned by a wildlife painter (David Shepherd) who had the car rebuilt onto a Richards galvanised chassis along with all the associated bushes, etc and fitted a gas kit.

The car comes with all the parts needed to put it back together, along with the usual boxes of new parts that I never got around to fitting. Most of the aluminium panels are unpainted as I was going to respray in limestone and the rear seats will need holes re-drilling to refit as the panel there was corroded (and replaced).

Some more info below on what's been replaced and what it has:

- galvanised chassis
- engine is an army-reconditioned (green) 5-bearing 2.25 petrol
- LPG kit, which has always worked perfectly
- early 110 two piece aluminium sliding door tops
- brownchurch roof rack
- new side frames & brackets
- powdercoated seat frames, grab rail, etc.
- x6 county (tweed pattern) seats
- x5 wolf wheels with decent mud plugger tyres
- salisbury rear axle
- new exhaust
- vinyl county trim 

Some stuff I know will definitely need repairing before it's usable:
- engine doesn't run as the starter just clicks - could be the battery or starter solenoid as the engine turns over fine with the starting handle.
- bulkhead is rotten in the footwells, door posts, top rail, etc...
- no petrol tank - it was rusty (MOT failure), so I removed it as the car ran perfectly on gas.
- clutch master cylinder as clutch pedal is on the floor
- nearside front wheel bearing

Other stuff:
- the door bottoms are a little crusty in the bottom corners - I'd removed the door skins to fix these, so I've just put these back on temporary for now
- the safari roof is in fairly good condition except for an aerial hole above the rear view mirror and a bit of corrosion in the rear
- the bonnet frame is a bit crusty, but still seems rigid enough
- both propshafts need refitting - never got around to it after the gearbox was replaced.

The car is located in Wraysbury and will need to be taken on a trailer as it's not running. Cash on collection please, within seven days of end of auction.