Monday 1 August 2016

1980 - Land Rover Series 3 - 109 200tdi - Located Louth

Very difficult sale for me however its just not used for anything anymore
 and its a shame, so has to go!

The Good Bits.

200tdi discovery engine 
Good Chassis
Parabolic springs
Nice working Fairey Overdrive
Aluminum core radiator
Bucket seats
Custom built rock sliders (to a very high standard)
Roll bar
Sound proofed and carpets 
Winch bumper 
New Wheels and Tyre's + Spare
30mm Wheel spacers
Salisbury rear axle
Bolt on wheel arches 
Light bar
Adjustable tow hitch
Steering Guard
Mot until December 16th 
Will include brand new un-glazed door tops with decent second hand doors.

The Niggly Bits

Fuel gauge works sometimes
speedo has never worked since ive had it so i couldn't tell you an accurate mileage if i tried
Passenger seat isnt bolted down due to fuel tank being underneath and never coming up with a decent way to bolt the seat down and still get to the fuel cap
The seats are great for the narrower chap, but others may find them uncomfortable

The Bad Bit

The passenger side foot well has gone a bit rusty with a small hole.
The military in its blood is trying to fight with its cow exterior resulting in some sort of cow-camo, this is really annoying when pressure washing as the paint flakes get everywhere.

This Land rover has seen off road a couple times in my ownership and im sure plenty more times in its life, its got scratch's and dents and a rubbish paint job, but i love it.

Located Louth Lincolnshire