Tuesday 16 August 2016

1967 Land Rover Series 2a for sale.

Sellers Comments - It would make a great restoration project and would be worth thousands. The engine is currently not running (but im very sure it will run) because it has no distributor cap or HT leads, but otherwise is a very sound engine, gearbox and drive-train. It will require a new chassis as this one is very rusty, and the bulkhead is in similar condition, but could be patched up. All body panels are in good condition with no rust but some dents. The windscreen glass is out but comes with the car along with wheel wrenches etc(as you will see in one of the pictures). 

  Good Points:
- Worth a lot when restored 
- Great restoration project
- Has had various parts replaced recently
- engine, gearbox and axles all very sound
- no rust on body panels as they are aluminium

  Bad points:
- Needs new chassis and possibly bulkhead
- Haven't managed to get engine running because there are no HT leads etc