Tuesday 24 April 2018

1951 Land Rover Series 1 80" Mobile Welder with Lincoln 150

Sellers Comments -
For sale is probably one of the rarest Land Rovers you will ever see, a Mobile Welder.

Only 113 Mobile Welders were made, between 1949 and 1952 66 for made for the UK, 47 for Worldwide Export.

The Land Rover Series 1 Owners Club is only aware of the location of 7 vehicles worldwide and just 3 of them have working Welding Units.

The VIN of mine is 1 of the 4 made in 1951, 16300004 registered with the DVLA in 1962 as T00 601. This vehicle was known to the club but was lost over the years.

In fact it was hiding in plain sight as an ALRC CCVT Competition Trials vehicle for 24 years, it was last in competition in January this year where it came second in class at the Barrie Murdoch Memorial Trial.

When I purchased the vehicle it was in good running order and very reliable but had been off roaded for nearly 30 years, I immediately removed the rollcage, buckets seats, harnesses etc and returned it to standard visually.

The vehicle is far from standard underneath but of course this vehicle's true value is in it's potential.

Included in the sale are these Welder Specific parts :-
  • Extremely Rare - Lincoln 150 Welder
  • Centre PTO
  • 8 Blade Cooling Fan
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
The Welder needs fitting, it is currently being tested by a friend of mine.

Fully restored this could easily be a £50k vehicle.

The engine is a 2 litre unit from a 1955 Rover 60, it runs really well.

Here is a link to my OneDrive Public space where you can see a video of it running.


In summary, this is a running driving 80" Land Rover with identity that happens to have been a Mobile Welding Plant and that makes it extremely rare and desirable.