Saturday 27 May 2017

Land Rover Series 3 - 1962

Sellers Comments -
XAS 684
Looking for a piece of Land Rover motoring heritage?
For sale - 109” LWB truck cab Land Rover Series 3.  Registered in 1962, so no road tax to pay.
Ideal for a ready to use day to day runabout, with lots of load space for hauling stuff around, fun off roading (Series 3 Owners Club days out highly recommended) or as a sound base for a project with solid chassis and sound engine and  fully overhauled gearbox/clutch.
2 and a quarter 4 cylinder petrol engine.  Ex military In military camouflage, in places where the paint is chipped you can see blue paint, maybe this was a UN vehicle, possibly in Cyprus as sand was found on refurbishing the outriggers.
Refurbished by previous owner (retired Marine engineer) – chassis overhaul with new back chassis and outriggers. New gearbox and clutch, diesel engine changed to petrol.  Last 3 photos are of his work.
I have owned it from 8/11, true mileage unknown, mileage on purchase 42,481.  Mileage now 45,464. Dry stored in a barn the last 6 years, but as ever on Landys it’s the quality of chassis, gearbox, transmission that matters, and these are all sound.
MOT’d May 2018, no advisories.     Historic vehicle so no tax to pay.
Overall condition – as you’d expect for its age.  A few dings and dents on the bodywork.  A few chips on the paintwork.  Starts on the button every time.  Doesn’t use oil.  It’s slow and steady, it is a Landy after all!
Fairey overdrive fitted  Free wheeling hubs  New battery 5/17.
New exhaust 10/16   New aluminium strip truck space runners fitted.
New water pump 1/16   Hand throttle
Inertia reel seat belts fitted for driver and passenger.  Seat cushions are included for the central seat but no seat belt fitted, a lap static belt could be fitted.
Engine not converted for unleaded so takes the classic car fuel additive.
Plastic runners fitted for door and rear cab sliding windows
Spare wheel mount fitted to rear of cab, so improving driver visibility
The previous owner fitted softer bushes to the springs, giving a gentler ride, I don’t have the exact specification for these.
Steering wheel lock  Good tread on tyres
Tow hitch fitted.  Towing light socket fitted in rear locker by tailgate. 
Dashboard controls reflect original engine was a diesel  Matching camo paint included.
Note.  Normally, to engage low ratio/4 wheel drive, you pull back the red Hi/lo transfer gear lever, the yellow 4 wheel drive lever drops and away you go.   Doing this on this vehicle, after a few yards the yellow lever pops forward, dropping out of gear.  The previous owner couldn’t find the fault but we found that if the yellow lever is held down as the red lever is pulled back, then the vehicle will stay in 4 wheel  drive all day long.  I have worked in mud and pulled cars out of snow drifts in 4WD with no problem.  I have a field where you can wet down a skid patch and test the 4WD.
Fuel gauge does not work.  I dip the tank (it’s the under-the-drivers-seat military sort) and keep a mileage/fuel record in the vehicle.