Monday 8 May 2017

Land Rover 1961 Series

Sellers Comments - For sale a 1961 Land rover SWB , it is fitted with a discovery 200tdi engine with out the turbo, it has an overdrive and free wheeling hubs, has you can see it has a series 3 bulkhead fitted as when I got it the original one was rotted out, at the time I could only find a series 3 one, I now have a series 2 bulkhead and more or less every thing you require to return it back , it comes with the original clocks,heater, wipers all new seals etc, The land rover is tax exempt, it has an MOT and drives really well, as far as i know no welding is required but being a old Land rover you would need to check for your self, I removed the petrol engine as it was the wrong one any way and the fuel economy was ridulus , I still have the engine if you want it, I fitted a Land rover discovery engine this is a diesel engine and the log book will need updating to show this. I never got round to this. I changed the rear diff to a range rover one this changes the gear ratios to suit the 200 TDI engine, i never got round to changing the front one so as it is at the moment you cant use the four wheel drive as the ratios are different, i do have a range rover diff for the front and the original one for the rear which will be included , I do have the turbo and Discovery radiator and inter cooler if you want them. The Land rover had new leaf springs fitted to all four corners a couple of years ago. The Land rover was fitted with an Exmoor trim canvas three years ago , I also have the old hard top if you want it. The fuel gauge works but is not acculturate, because of the change of the rear diff the speedo does not read correctly ,last year it had a new battery and brake master cylinder fitted. I would highly recommend that you come see the Land rover before bidding, it is an old vehicle with no comforts and is not to every ones cup of tea. only selling it has i am not fit enough any more to keep up the maintenance of it. It is tax exempt and only costs me £65 a year for the insurance. The bulkhead and associated parts are getting hard to find, the bulkhead comes with the very hard to find door mirror hinges.