Saturday 12 March 2016

Land Rover series 3 - 109

Sellers Comments - This is my 1972 Land Rover 109 series 3. I bought this Landy in November its something ive always wanted and with me heading back to Scotland to live it was to be my every day vehicle, work horse and something i would keep around forever, But plans have now changed and this wont be happening well not in the near future anyway. The Landy itself is MOTed and of coarse tax free due to age i insured it for£88 a year amazingly. This is not a pristine fully restored vehicle its 44 years old and been used its been hand painted at some point but it isnt bad, the usual bulkhead rust has been addressed by last owner but not brilliantly and needs painted but this was stuff i was looking forward to sorting myself. Mechanically it all seems sound to me although it smokes but ive been told the timing is out and needs adjusted although i would not tackle anything mechanical like that as i learned my lesson trying to fix my hedge cutter which is still in bits. Chassis has been well undersealed over the years and i guess thats whats protected it and all looks as it should to me. It has a full canvas with 2 bench seats in rear there is also a thick tarp rear tub cover if you wish to remove canvas and use as a pick up. There are various other bits and pieces that come with it including another fuel pump, roof bar, full front bull bar with spot lights etc and a stack of wheels. I even got my hands on a huge maintenance manual. There is also 3 sets of keys and basic glove box manual. A Fairley overdrive is fitted which gives a wee bit extra speed, free wheeling hubs, a towbar, hand throttle even a good working heater for an old land rover anyway. If i think of anything else i will add it. Please remember the age of this vehicle it doesnt drive like a new car but its still a good experience all the same. Can i please make any potential buyers aware that vehicle will not be available to view/ collect from Friday 18th until 28th so amy time before or any time after is fine. Please excuse any errors in advert as i have had to do it by phone. Im also not sure of date of manufacture or mileage but i will update