Monday 21 March 2016


Sellers Comments Here I have for sale my 1980 Land Rover Series 3 109 EX-Military FFR 24V 2.25 Petrol, it has covered 93’000 KILOMETRES and I am very shocked at how good condition this is. The chassis is absolutely immaculate and has never been welded, the original 24V running gear is still on the engine, shielded HT Leads, spark plugs etc. It runs extremely well and has just had a years MOT put on it. With it being an original 24V, it has twin batteries in the centre, both of which are brand new, it has the original hand throttle inside, and it really is one of the better ones. It has plenty of paperwork to go with it, along with a spare set of keys, and the original set of keys with the original military dog tags fitted. The bulkhead is in good condition, no welding needed, along with the doors, both tops and bottoms are in extremely good condition, the door tops would however benefit from new seals. It starts on the button, drives extremely well and has no issues with any of the gears. This is one of the smoothest 2.25 petrols I have ever heard. It should have twin tanks fitted, however, the drivers side one is currently missing, but all of the original pipework and tank tap is still there is it was to be refitted. All of the lights work, the 6 way light switch works as it should, and the diff convoy lights work aswell. The heater works lovely which makes a change in an old series.

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