Wednesday 7 October 2015


Sellers Comments.
Here we have a Vintage Chrome Car Mascot in the form of a Jaguars Head, I have had this for a little while and cannot find anything about it all, there is a similar one on pintrest on google, though not identical. I have asked a Jaguar enthusiast as to it's origin and he said he has only ever seen 2 before which where on the old type Jaguar cars, however in all honesty I am at a loss with it. It is in excellent condition and does look like it has been used, there are no markings at all and it is approximately 4" (Inches) in length by 2.25" (Inches) in height. I would much appreciate any information regarding this, as maybe it was a memorabilia piece, however like I said there is nothing like it on the market or on google.
I am positive that this would make an excellent contribution towards anyone's collection.