Monday 12 October 2015

Land Rover Series 3 LWB hardtop LHD petrol ex military MOT failure.

Sellers Comments - This Land Rover is I believe a 1978 vehicle, first registered in 1992 when demobbed (not sure which Service) it was bought by our Shoot as a gun bus. It has been serviced but I don't have a service history, it is not a cherished family owned vehicle. It failed it's MoT on corrosion in the rear crossmember and out-riggers but the rest of the chassis looks pretty sound. It starts and runs fine. It has done hardly any miles since we bought it but I cannot remember what the mileage is and couldn'y verify it anyway! I think the pictures speak for themselves but am happy to take more or answer any questions. As an MoT failure it will need to be collected by trailer/transporter.

Information and Photos