Wednesday 18 August 2021

Land Rover Defender 90 overland camper 300tdi galvanised chassis Overland Roof Tent Awning Camper Off Road Defender 90

Sellers Comments -  300tdi

184,000 miles

Its on a Galvanised RC chassis 

Extreme 4x4 suspension kit

Wide angle prop shafts

Engine has had a brand new Turner head fitted 

All engine accessories changed: vac pump, alternator, steering pump, radiator, turbo.

Recon steering box

Steering bars are all new.

LOF POWER MASTER cylender fitted

Steering protection guard

Diff guards

Fuel tank guard

Fuel tank is new and Sender

Twin ladder roof tent in perfect condtion

swing round side awning

12v fridge mounted inside on the back door including power supply wired in and is neatly connected to the second battery.

There are usb charging ports in the rear area that come from the second battery.

Winch and Winch rope. which has remote wirless and wired. 

2 Draws and rear storage shelf and side pods.

Side opening lockers, drivers side comes with the tools included. Passenger side is for general storage this is a carpeted box built into the roof rail and the lower side rail so its very strong, its not supported on the aluminum side panel, thats the accsess hatch. Both sides are locking and have led ligthing and gas struts to hold the hatch up.

ARB twin compressor with receaver tank mounted under the body and rear outlet, it also provides air fo rthe locker. 

Rear Ashcroft diff lock.

Uprated rear half shafts from Ashcroft. (i have the receipt these are genuine!)

Rear door is brand new

Battery box, sills, driver under seat box, changed for YRM aluminium and stainless.

Rear door stainless sill.

Diesel night heater fitted and piped to the cab.

Split charge system with Victron 110ah battery, Victron battery monitor system, and Victron mains battery charger built in. keep it plugged in and keep it all charged. keep it plugged in when camping and you have limitless 12v for fridge and lighting. The Battery charger can remian on alll the time when plugged in at a camp site. 

Black head lining

XS heated seats (both working)

Interior is Raptor coated black.

DAB Stereo and correct DAB aeriel. 

Exterior is Raptor truck bed liner coated, i have a small amount of spare paint and the paint colour code. 

Rock sliders fitted.

Windsceen was replaced with new seal not very long ago. 

The storage draws in the back are full of usefull service spares included as well.  

There is a brand new LOF clutch included, it doesnt need it but i was going to fit it and have not had time. 

The tyres will need changing in the near future but i have not changed them as what ever i change them to might be wrong for you, so i think better to sell as is and let someone choose there own.