Monday 4 February 2019

Land Rover Defender Ambulance Ex military Army 300TDI Rebuilt using NEW CHASSIS

Sellers Comments -
  • Completely Rebuilt using brand new Genuine Land Rover Chassis
  • This was going to be our overlander 
  • It has been the subject of a complete rebuild everything that needed doing has been done regardless of cost. we now have 2 small children and keeping it as a weekend van is no longer realistic. I have so many projects, classic cars, Land Rovers, tractors, diggers and loads more
  • I have done about 300 miles since the last mot, which says it all
  • It needs finishing, the hard work is done the back has had the stretchers and frames removed as I have basically been using it as a van (its a huge really useful space I think the box is about 9ft long)
  • I have all bits that I removed from the back if they are required
  •  The speedo reads less than 40k the 5 gears are really smooth and there no whines or clonks from the transmission I would say it was genuine
  • The rebuild mainly for peace of mind included, New Clutch, Headgaskit, Cambelt set, Starter, Rear Heavy duty coil over springs (transforming the handling), exhaust, Breaks, 2 x New Goodyear G90 Tyres and late seatbase
  • I had the Military 2 piece doors replaced with Single piece civilian Front doors, the frames are pretty good but could do with the runners replacing and a door card is a bit split
  • Front seats although good I was planning on fitting some new high back ones from the later tdci
  • Lance as he is affectionally known was a very late 300TDI special order truck leaving the factory in November 1999 , there was a Special Vehicles plate on the seat base that was lost during the rebuild
  •  It is meant to have served in the Falklands which would explain the low miles. 
  • The chassis and seat base suffered from exposure to the elements which was the reason for the rebuild. Although not terminal I just wanted it to be right and rot free as it was to be a keeper
  • I have spent a fortune on this truck
  • The back needs fitting out or not
  • Front heater controls need fitting 
  • Rear Heater also needs connecting correctly
  • interior lights need sorting
  • Detailing required, only minor jobs. I have absolutely no time as ever to finish
  • The hard work is done it just needs to be enjoyed