Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Land Rover defender 90 200tdi white galvanized chassis full rebuild

Sellers Comments -
I have rebuilt this 90 from the ground up, the chassis is new and galvanized. The bulkhead has been extensively repaired too. the chassis wasn't just thrown under, its been treated with bitumen paint (as has the underside of the body) to help it last even longer. the whole underside of the vehicle is very well protected. the axles,radius arms, a frame and bulkhead were cleaned and painted with buzzweld paint.

Engine is good and has never let me down, its got a boost pin and the turbo turned up a touch so it goes very well. It has a straight through exhaust too.
it is the original defender 200tdi engine and not a discovery engine. However i have changed the manifolds to discovery manifolds because the original exhaust manifold developed a crack. Recently service, I also changed the valve stem oil seals, along with rocker cover gasket too.

Gearbox/transfer box...
Gearbox is spot on and has had regular oil changes.
transfer box is silent and has also had regular oil changes
the link between the two is great and the splines haven't worn, its also got a oil feed plate so that wear is reduced.
high/low and diff lock all work as they should and are used regularly so have not seized up with age.

Axles are good and have minimum play, again oils have been changed regularly.
the rear axle is i believe off a discovery so has discs not drums.
suspension is all polly-bushed and has been lifted by 2 inches.
the shocks have dislocation cones all round too, as well as castor correction radius arms front and back.
the steering box has been changed, and has heavy duty "sumobars" instead of the stock tie rods.

The body is very good, its been painted with white raptor paint around 2 years ago and has worn well. there are a few blemishes here and there but all in all very good.
the bulkhead is immaculate. when i rebuilt it, i welded up the drivers footwell and cleaned and painted the whole lot, its even been cavity painted so should last.

2inch lift
Dislocation cones all round
Cranked front and rear arms
Heavy duty steering bars
Axle and timing case breathers
Galvanized rock/tree sliders
Roof rack
Roof lights
CB radio
9t winch
Leather rad muff
Led lights all round
The chassis has brackets for a long range fuel tank built in.

I could go on for hours about what mod's are on it, but its probably better if you either called me or came to see it yourself. As cliche as it sounds, the pics really don't do it justice.
in one of the pics is a matching sankey trailer. this isn't included in the listing but could be sold in addition too.
its a very solid vehicle and will last for many years to come, and bring many years of joy to the next owner.

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