Friday 10 November 2017

Series 1 Land Rover - 1952

Sellers Comments -
Series 1 Land Rover 80" imported from Australia and registered in the UK in 2017.
Completely rebuilt engine, re-conditioned (probably original)gearbox, both age-related. Noisy in 1st gear though (I just don't use it)
New clutch.
Chassis excellent, bulkhead excellent, body panels pretty good.
Brakes very poor but will stop eventually.
Steering works okay but could do with improving.
Mostly new wiring loom, nearly everything works (broken fuel gauge)
Ignition replaced with a switch because the replacement I bought never worked.
Indicators fitted.
No hood, no door tops.
Sign written and repainted, but the repainting isn't professional, the sign writing would rub off without too much effort.
This is a vehicle I restored to a level I could use it, not professionally, not properly, but the engine repair was done professionally and the gearbox.
All the rest is perfectly usable, it needs seats.
The vehicle has the correct carb, air filter, fuel filter etc.
This is a very nice Land Rover that would be almost usable as it is, but would make a very nice truck if completely finished.
It should be collected on a trailer as the brakes are awful.