Monday 13 November 2017

Christmas Gifts - Superb Off Road Fun in Newcastle - Experience Days

Sellers Comments -
Discover the might of the 4x4 Land Rover Defender when you take the plunge and go off road in Newcastle! Put simply, this vehicle is one of the most renowned 4x4s in the world for agility, endurance and sturdiness. You can pretty much go anywhere in a trusty Landy and a few rocks, water troughs and tree trunks certainly won't get in your way. We think you you will love driving it around the Northumbrian countryside.
The setting for this experience is superb. This lot just outside Newcastle specialises in offering all sorts of gnarly off roading activities and the terrain at their disposal is tip-top. It actually all sounds very posh, as it's in the grounds of the Edwardian Slaley Hall estate, but don't worry it's not at all sanitised here - there is still a truck load of mud, dirt, water and long grass for you and your offroader to wade through.
In fact this off road course near Newcastle is nationally acclaimed and features an impressive mix of steep hills, big drops, off camber sections and even water canyons. What really caught our eye though, is the fact the Land Rover you'll be driving is modified - no, we're not talking UV lights and blacked out windows, we are talking a 2.5 inch lift kit, snorkel and lightweight wheels. All these bits and bobs mean you can go deeper into the water (without getting any in the carburettors) and steeper on the banks without tipping up - try some of these tests in a standard car and you won't get very far!
As well as the car, you will also be well-equipped to deal with these challenges as the instructor drivers will guide you all the way around the 4x4 course. As well as having a safety briefing, the instructor will take you on a demo drive around some of the toughest parts of this Newcastle course before letting you loose behind the wheel for your off road session.
Take this Defender 90 off road at Newcastle's finest off road centre and you have exclusive use of the vehicle for around 50 minutes. All tuition is on a one to one basis, rather than being part of a small group, so if you've got friends and family who want to join in the fun, you can invite up to four of them along with the additional driver/spectator vouchers and they can ride in the vehicle and even share your driving time with you if you're up for letting them have a little go too. A fantastic best value deal for budding off roaders in the Newcastle area.