Saturday 18 November 2017

Childrens Series 2 Landrover Electric Toylander with trailer totrod

Sellers Comments -
Toylander II Land Rover series 2. 

This is a scaled down version of the iconic Land Rover series 2. The Toylander is one of two that has been hand built previously for a charity 
 , It is built to a high standard and is unique. 
They have taken many hours to complete. 

The Toylander is driven by two 12v toylander original electric motor 
One on each back wheel 

All working as it should ! It's ready to drive away today 

Forward 24v twin motor 

These are legal to use on public footpaths , so taking them to the local park or shops 

Working headlights, indicator lights work on switches , opening rear tailgate, fold down windscreen,also carpet in front and rear. Custom seats

Aluminium capping around top, curved front  metal bumper .land rover badges And don't forget the mini number plates !
Custom dials 
Also comes with a pivot tipping trailer 

removable sliding front and rear barriers 

They are still made today at a cost of over £4000 and  have been manufactured since 1987. A great Christmas present for someone !!!

Car has been finished off in the original blue  design ! The old school look

It is used but all working as it should , should have manuals knocking around somewhere