Friday 29 July 2016

Land Rover Series 3

Sellers Comments - Hi everyone. I bought this Landrover with a view of restoring it. At first I was somewhat enthusiastic about the project but found I did not have time to complete it. The vehicle is currently SORN with no MOT. It has a Heritage certificate and will be tax exempt this year. The bits restored. Driver and passenger flooring renewed using stainless steel screws. Braking system. All new wheel cylinders and brake linings. All new front seats and recon runners. Driver and passenger door seals replaced Vent rubbers replaced Gear stick, transfer drive rubbers replaced. A new metal centre box installed replacing the centre seat. Have new seat if required. New centre and tail box exhaust........yet to be installed. Still bundled New headlights..........Yet to be installed Bad bits. No MOT Some welding needed under driver side crossmember. Paint work rubbish as I have rubbed down a lot of flaking paint Small dent in n/s wing. Small water leak coming from the roof. Needs sealing I have tried to be as honest as I can regards to condiction. But this is a project. I have driven it and all the gears, the transfer box all operating ok. Engine does not smoke and starts first time. There are slight oil leaks nothing major. It drives like a pig. But that's the fun of it. Most landys this age drive like total animals. This will be a good on going project for someone who has the time. Please view the vehicle before bidding. I don't want anyone to be disappointed.