Thursday 26 November 2015

1972 Series III Land Rover LWB 109"

Sellers - Comments I'm not quite sure if I should sell my Landy or not, so I though I'd let ebay make the final choice for me, if it sells it sells, if it doesn't, it doesn't, the catalyst being an illogical urge to get another 2 door Range Rover. It has been owned from new by two farms, both in Yorkshire (one at Pollington, from new and the next in Melbourne from May 1979). It had sat in a barn for around 9 years until the farm was cleared and I bought it from a general dealer just as it was removed from storage. All I had to do to get it back on the road was to rebuild the brakes (all new cylinders)and clean out the fuel system. It has subsequently had a new fuel tank.
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