Wednesday 1 July 2015

Land Rover Series 2a 1967 -

Back in 1999 this vehicle, which was in daily use at the time, got stuck in reverse. It was pushed into the barn and has remained there untouched until now. I never got around to fixing it and the time has come to get rid of it. I can tell you that I fitted an unleaded head, overdrive, free wheeling hubs, electric fan and a lot of other new bits and pieces. The engine is original and was an excellent runner. The chassis is original so probably needs replacing by now. I have to state the obvious, so bear with me. You will not be able to drive this away and if you have any regard for other road users(not to mention the law) I hope you will not consider towing it away. I am more than willing to answer your queries so please contact me. Bottom line is that this vehicle is perfect for a restoration project or a loaded vehicle to break.

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