Tuesday 28 July 2015

1977 LAND ROVER 88" - 4 CYL BLUE SERIES 3 - Parabolic Springs!

Overall a tidy example but has issues that need sorting. Was used regularly last year and never let me down.

Had new inner wings, fuel tank, battery, coil and starter motor last year. Earlier this year a full set of GB Parabolic Springs were installed, these were £300 and have never seen the road yet!

Has been to the local MOT station but failed on the points below. The new stringent MOT tester (that incidentally isn't there any more, only lasted a week!) obviously doesn't like or know Land Rovers and when you read the fail sheet you will understand why.

001 - Battery needs a strap, I think it is there just not on when my brother took it for the test.
002 - Probably requires new lamp.
003 - Brake light switch has been replaced.
004 - No idea, they light up probably need a polish or replacing or a nicer tester!
005 & 006 - Both front footwells have holes on their outer edges, they were like this when I bought it and have not got any worse.
007 - The outrigger to the rear of the petrol tank needs replacing (I think there is a new one with the vehicle to fit).
008 - Probably requires new lamp.
009 - The springs in the arms appear to have lost tension, probably require replacement.
010 - There is the smallest hole (less than a 5p) on the crossmember below the gearbox.
011 & 012 - Appears to be a repeat of number 5 & 6
013 - New bush needed.

014 - Tighten them or replace.