Sunday 12 July 2015

Land Rover Series, 200 tdi, defender 4wd, high spec, no rust, 1966 tax free

Main mechanicals 
2.5 litre turbo diesel 200 tdi - discovery
5-speed gearbox - defender
transfer box - defender
diffs - probably defender
The land-rover people I know tell me that the engine is excellent and the conversion done well. Wiring is untidy.
Oil-bath air filter, snorkel not connected.
Parabolic springs
Pro-comp shocks
LWB brakes
new water pump, drive belt and antifreeze.
Twin electric fans


Defender seats in good condition.
Series 3 ? dash.
Rear bench seats.
Sliding windiws - as original. The front seats are comfortable, but this is not the last word in luxury.
Stereo - working
CB radio - no idea, no aerial, never tried it

Ive spent heavily on the brakes, they are now sorted - LWB spec, which is 11" front drums with 2 cylinders each, about as good as a series gets.
Its had new genuine Girling LandRover master cylinder, 4 wheel cylinders, new brake pipes, new fluid, new flexi hose, new Genuine Land Rover front drums (rears hardly worn), new front shoes.

chassis has had repairs in the past, as most have. No comments on mot.
Bulkhead corners replaced in past, solid, this is a common rust spot.
Under-window vents still work. Heater works.
Roof / hardtop lined with carpet - insulation and soundproofing, up to a point.
Roof lights not working, I havent got that far.
Very sturdy front and rear bumpers, side rails.
front and rear tow bars.
Big wheels with chunky tyres

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