Wednesday 1 July 2015

1986 Landrover 110 GS Ex MOD 12M MOT 2.5 NAD 111k Very Clean + Original Defender HD springs, re-con engine, Runs and drives excellently!

TRUCK-UTILITY-MEDIUM-4X4-LANDROVER-110-DIESEL-GS-ST-12V-CARGO-RHD 41-KF-02 So, we have here a lovely example of an Ex- MOD Landrover. Above is the MOD reg and description from the plate on the seatbox. Obtained recently with a view to keep, reality has hit and the missus can't get on with it! Too high and too basic!
It was MOT'd when I bought it so I have run around in it and it's great fun with smiles and kids pointing, not to mention really usefull - the load bay is huge! It goes stops, steers exactly as you would expect with good brakes, smooth gear changes and nice steering - yes really, despite a lack of power steering it is more than manageable as the previous owner has fitted a slightly more A/T tyre to the front (a matching pair to the current rears is included in the back that are also studded - fit these to the rear and the rears to the front and there is no stopping you!) The body is clean and tidy, but a '15 plate it is not! Supposedly a veteran of Iraq, the current paintwork is handpainted as usual and probably done over the desert sand colour on it's return. There are dings and marks, but it is rock solid. The doors have obviously been renewed at some point and fit well. The door tops are the correct MOD sloping glass alloy units. The bonnet structure is a bit tired with some corrosion, but still functions fine - I'd planned to replace it and you won't even need ant tools to do it! The tilt is in good order with no holes or rips - but obviously not new! I quite like the fact the MOD insignia is still present along with the camo 'details'! :) The tub and seat box are good and solid, with just a small amount of alloy corrosion to the drivers side - not a problem currently and easily sorted with a repair panel. The tool box and battery tray are good and solid. The chassis really is excellent and is the main reason I bought it - The only repair it has ever had is to the O/S of the rear cross member and that has been done to a very high standard. The chassis/VIN number is present and correct on the O/S - important if you are considering export and reassuring for us UK owners too. This matches both the MOD plate and LR plate on the servo. I have had the chassis/underside professionally media blasted and epoxy primed then refinished with chassis black. It now looks better than new! The bulkhead is also very good - having had a couple of well done repairs by the pedal box and an older MOD repair to the O/S lower footwell - this is solid, but could be tidier. The N/S is also solid, but would benefit from some improvement in the future. I really am being super critical of a near 30yr old ex MOD vehicle! The engine is a belter - not the fastest but willing and actually quiet compared to a 200! Showing as reconditioned in '06, I don't believe it has done much as it is super clean inside and does not smoke, tap or breathe. A new alternator has also recently been fitted. The gearbox and transbox are also spot on with hi-lo and diff lock working correctly - light comes on and goes off correctly. A complete clutch assembly with release arm etc was fitted in Jan '14. The axles are good and quiet with no oil leaks and good chrome balls. Believe it of not this must be one of the most oil tight landrovers I've come across - barely a drop from anywhere! A new fuel tank and sender was fitted in June '14 - and a standard height tow ball is fitted. The front springs and dampers are also recent HD items. I will fit the corresponding rears springs in blue in the next day or so.... What else to say??? It's here to sell and I will listen to sensible offers. Cash on collection preferred and I can help with delivery although this will get you anywhere you wish to go! (del £1/mile ea way) Questions?? Fire away! - Sellers Comments

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