Friday 22 January 2021

4 x Ex Military Land Rover Defender. All to be sold as one job lot!

Sellers Comments - Selling all 4 Defenders as one job lot. 2 x Snatch V8 110 FFR Soft-top 2.5l D 110 ex- Falklands Hardtop (no engine) All vehicles (except ex Falklands) were running when they arrived but have been standing for around 3-4 years so as a result are being sold as spares or repair as we need the space back in the yard. We haven't had the time and opportunity to work on them as originally planned. Suitable transport will need to be arranged for the vehicles. Prop shafts have been disconnected so are rolling free for moving and loading. All have good bulkheads & rear chassis members Various military history on all vehicles & paperwork to go with them including military release papers. Can send more pictures on request, can only upload a max of 12 pictures for all 4 vehicles! There are some spare parts in the back of the vehicles which will be included. We also have crated re-conditioned engines and gearboxes straight for MOD stores to be sold separatley. Vehicles are advertised elsewhere, so auction may be ended early if a suitable offer is recieved. Viewing can be arranged and is recommended. Please message to arrange and for any other details/questions

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