Saturday 16 January 2021

Land Rover Defender 110 2.5 300TDI County Station Wagon CSW

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Land Rover Defender 110 2.5 300TDI County Station Wagon CSW

She was rebuilt on a galvanized chassis by the previous owner a Land Rover enthusiast/NUT. He had been building her up in his spare time from when he bought her in 2007 with 160k on her, he had planned to keep for himself and by chance I went to him for some advice.

After looking for the right one what seemed to be years and seeing the attention this one was receiving, I knew she was the one. So after plaguing the life out of him over the next couple of months, he finally cracked and I bought her while she was part way through her build. I eventually picked her up about 7 months later in Sept 2014.

I then started upgrading her to make her my own, a labour of love you might say. She had just under 49000 miles on the clock (replaced clocks) when I picked her up in 2014 and now over 6 years later she only has 54560, so i'm doing less than 1000 miles a year from occasional use. This is one of the reasons why she's on here today, just not getting the use she deserves. I work away and have only gotten back home yesterday 11/01/2021 from 11/11/2020 so that's another 9 weeks she's just sitting not turning a wheel, She deserves better!

I had planned to go overlanding around Europe and Africa, but with family and business, it just hasn't happen! If I had the luxury of a nice heated garage where I could keep her I wouldn't be selling, as these 300tdi's are an appreciating asset now.

She's had a fortune spent on her she has the following 

2" suspension lift including +2" shocks and +2" stainless braided brake hoses

Lasalle GRP headlining

Galvanised chassis

Galvanised side rails and B pillars

Safari snorkel        

Swing away spare wheel carrier

Aluminium checker-plate on wing tops

Rough parts rear Gull wing window locker conversion £1500

Rough Parts Rear window locker not fitted - £300

5 seats fitted, Exmoor trim

Electric windows

Central locking (Just noticed its not opening with the fob when checking mileage) But Immobiliser still working

Mobile Storage Systems Chubby box £300

Original Mach 5 wheels and 285/75/16 Goodrich mud tires £1100

Locking wheel nuts

Patriot roof rack £1400

Cat 1 Cobra alarm £360 (Just noticed its not opening with the fob when checking mileage) But Immobiliser still working


Pedal lock 

LED lights £245

LED head lights £350

KBX Grill/Headlight surrounds - £440

Custom winch bumper £1100 then had it covered in LineX you could drive through a wall with this stuff and it wouldn't chip

WinchMAX winch

Mobile Storage Systems Security screen to rear £190

Front runner spare wheel step £135

Black powder coated Stainless headlight mounting rings £32

Mud UK Blind spot mirrors £70

Terrafirma 30mm billet wheel spacers £125

Puma Bonnet 

Optimal Security Bonnet hinges £120

Chequer Plate for bonnet - not fitted

XCESS 4X4 Bonnet stays – Not fitted £70

Vent pins stainless steel £15 - not fitted

New steering box £150

Gyen lewis Drop Arm Conversion Kit & Track Rod Bar, Stainless Steel HD steering bar kit £280

Ashcroft HD rear half-shafts £360

new Drive Flanges 

Reconditioned Gearbox £540 less than 1000 miles on it 

Slickshift gear change £100

X-eng Hand brake disc conversion £280

Timber trail 4x4 Fuel pin 

Kenlowe fan £130 - not fitted

Wide Wheel arch kit – Not fitted £ 120


Momo steering wheel £180

X-eng stainless steel door closers x4 £50

Gear knobs £30

Marlin split charging system £260+ 250 fitting

Twin Batteries 

Gwyn Lewis Stainless steel twin battery tray - £60

Full Raptor Dash with the T20 for top slot and B7 for bottom slot in silver

Deluxe Binnacle with Silver Bezel Binnacle Mount

Glove Box in silver Trim Panel

Extended Fuse Box Cover with F3 and F2 covers in silver, - NOT fitted

Defender Pod

with P2 cover in silver £460

VDO gauges-

- Oil pressure gauges

- Water temperature gauges, fitted but I think I have mixed up the sensors with the oil temp sensor so both needs playing about with, so just using the original for temp at the minute.

- Oil temp gauges

- Turbo boost pressure gauges, Fitted but not connected turbo side

- Genuine Carling switches, I bought loads to fill in the spaces in the dash for future installations, spot light, fans ect.


Mobile Storage Systems Cooker housing with adapter £270

I have been fitting Second skin Sound proofing every time a job gets done, the rear tubs been done(sides and floor), floor, Transmission tunnel, there is a few sheets left.

Private plate has been taken off and now on the original L plate

Spare parts thats come with her

Lift pump x1

Sump gasket x1

Rocker gasket x2

Drive Flanges x2

Wiper arms x2

Rear lights x2

Locker rams x2

Rear seal Gearbox x1

lights for the front bumper x2

20lt Water Jerry can 

Now this Defender is 27 years old, so she's not perfect (who is) but she's one of the best I've seen!

Jobs on my list if I were keeping fit the bits and bobs that are here etc like

-Wire the VDO gauges up 

-Fit bonnet checker-plate and stay

-Fit Kenlowe fan, apparently you get a few more MPG taking the Viscous fan off

-Wide Wheel arch kit wasn't sure about it, personal preference

-There is some Bubbling of paint around the top windows on the roof, I couldn't decide if I was going to do the roof Black or not.

-Rear door is still the Original one so has been painted a couple of times, this will still last years but corrosion will come through I would fit later galvanised door.

-Powder coating is flaking on roof rack ladders and mounting clamps

-Clutch release bearing can be Noisy when truck has been standing for ages, I couldn't get hold of the one I wanted from Syncro Gearboxes when the box was changed out

-Back box is looking rusty 

-Fit a stereo I was never bothered but the kids were. 

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