Saturday 7 September 2019

Land rover defender 90

Sellers Comments -Testing the water Land rover defender 90 csw on v5 made in to a king cab! This has been a on going project of min witch is pretty much finished and just needs the little gremlings sorting out. Was of the road for 3.5 years prier to my ownership! It started life from new as a genuine county station wagon but the previous owner converted it in to a king cab. I got it in a far from finished state and have spend many hours on it to get it looking like it does. It was and painted blue and looked awful. I sanded and flatted most the paint off and 2k sprayed it satin black. You can still see imperfections but it looks 50 times better! Its had a new bonnet. New wheels. Different wings. Hd front bumper. 3inch terriferma lift springs. Prop spacer . terriferma Steering damper. Terriferma shocks. Terriferma cranked correctional arms. Drilled and groved front brakes. Diff guards. New front gril and light surrounds. 265 75 16 tyres fitted! The chassis is mint and has never been welded. It has all original numbers in the chassis leg and on the vin plate. Requires NO WELDING!!! Private reg F66 MUD Things that need attention. Requires new front seats as whats in there are not original. Its had a switch panel installed previous and its playing up the electrics in the cab so they need attention! Repairs to door-bottoms (plates) Requires a rear registration plate lamp! And a uj on the prop but that may be sorted if i get time. And just of attention to detail but then again its a defender Its a 2.5tdi and runs great. 5 previous owners. Full v5. Looks smart and stands out.