Monday 8 April 2019

Landrover 110 defender ex military USA exportable

Sellers Comments -
When i bought this old landy the windows rattled, it dripped oil from the pressure sender switch and the seats were covered in gaffa tape. Nothing has changed. 

Its got dents and is cosmetically sagging in places but to me its exactly how an old landrover should be! A scrunched up sandwich bag wedged in the drivers window cured one rattle and a folded walkers crisp packet (other brands also work) sorted the rear window rattle. 

Running in photos. I just wrap a strip of rag around the pressure switch to stop the drip although if i'd have been assed - a fibre washer would be a permanent fix!    

Served as humanitarian aid (SFOR = stabilisation force) in Bosnia. All numbers matching. USA exportable. Runs and starts well. New heater plugs. Everything works. Good brakes. Chassis real solid, bulk head also but had a plate on the drivers footwell at some point. Decent toolbox, recent michelin tyres.

I've used it for wood orders and a bit of towing over the winter but no longer required as its sat for the last 2 months virtually unused. Not the real low geared transfer box. It will do 70 but you'll need ear plugs if you want to persist at that speed. 

Mechanically very good. Heavier gauge chassis, strengthened axles (Salisbury on the rear). One of the spring turrets has got a small hole in it (pictured).This will need changing before its next MOT in July. If i get the asking price i will include a new pair of galvanized ones in the sale. 

I made the back out of box and angle. A useful atribute and not a flimsy attempt by any stretch. I will clear out the remaining shite before sale. 

If you'd like 12 months ticket on it, i will put it in early and get it done for an additional £50.