Thursday 11 April 2019

4+1 Landrover Car 4x4 Off Road Novelty Chocolate Candy Bar Silicone Mould Lolly

Sellers Comments -
This is a 4+1 cell Silicone Chocolate bar and lolly mould. The large cell can be used to create small slab bar type chocolates or with a stick for a large novelty chocolate lolly.

This mould can be used to make 1 x large lolly (or chocolate bar) and 4 identical smaller chocolate bars. Perfect for gifts, kids parties or just a sweet indulgence ! 

When made and wrapped individually or as a set, these make really unique and stunning gifts. The smaller chocolates are ideal for cupcake toppers or embedding in the back of a larger chocolate bar.

Our chocolate moulds have a high polish finish on the inside, which is required to get that shine (rather than matt finish) on your final product.
Many of our customers also love them for many other craft uses such as making wax crayons, scented melts, guest soaps, resin pieces

Overall mould size 250mm x 125mm (approx 10" x 4")
LARGE 4x4 : 97mm x 90mm  (when made in chocolate weighs 87g)
SMALL 4x4 : 49mm x 45mm (when made in chocolate weighs 22g)