Monday 11 March 2019

Land Rover Defender 110 Off road / roader 200tdi Modified raised suspension lift

Sellers Comments -
More photos will be added ASAP when I get chance.

I’m selling my old Land Rover 110 off roader. Only selling it as it’s been sitting down my yard under a barn for the last 5 years or so and I’ll probably never get round to using it again as I have too many toys. It has the following...
Raised suspension
Body lift
Massive tyres
Excellent recon 200tdi engine and gearbox. Always starts.
Brand new battery
Large updated intercooler
Stainless steel exhaust system ( sounds great for a diesel )
Bush wires
Roof rack
Extra lighting. Spots, LEDs etc
Bonnet scoop
Bucket seats

Decals can be removed

It currently has no MOT and the brakes will need looking at as it’s been standing down my yard for some considerable time. I have regularly moved it around my yard though. I am going to get the brakes sorted before sale as there’s a slight fluid leak. It may need a bit of TLC to get back fully into shape as it’s been standing so may need a few things sorting but the engine and box work a treat.
There’s a lot of pricey parts been added to this vehicle in the past. It’ll make a nice off road toy for someone. 
Please don’t expect a pristine vehicle as this has been used for an off road toy in the past and the condition will reflect this. Land Rover fanatics will understand what I mean. 
Ideally I would like this collected before 21st March as I am moving yard but I can take it back home if needed and can arrange collection after then as long as it isnt for too long.