Monday 28 January 2019


Sellers Comments -
My friend bought it with the intention off turning it into his ultimate Landy as they don't often come up like this but his circumstances have changed.
It drives well and everything works, it has remote central locking/immobiliser, sunroof, electric windows and cd player, the 6 seats have no rips and the interior is very tidy with a full dog guard although not all hairy and no signs of dogs.

As you can see the exterior has a few battle scars (see pics) not from off roading just from general farm work I have had a look at the chassis and all looks to be good, at some point 1 roof window had been smashed and taped/bonded up there is a new window with the vehicle ready to be fitted properly, there is also a brand new set of genuine mud flaps and a ladder and headlight guards that need re-powder coating, the roof rack is included.