Friday 4 January 2019

Ex mod army land rover defender 127 ambulance wolf 4x4 truck off road camper

Sellers Comments -
ex mod army land rover defender 127 ambulance wolf 4x4 truck off road. in fantastic condition with only 57 kilometres on the clock. this has seen service overseas however I do not know the details. it has an English logbook that states it is a 1990 but its1st registration in the uk was 2005. it comes with a full 12 months mot and is running a 2,5 turbo diesel. it has 5 off road tyres and the 4x4 works great. it has just been serviced at the same time as the mot. as its army it has 2 fuel tanks and a switch on the dash to switch them that works perfectly. the spade and pick axe are all complete on the bonnet. it has a lift kit on the suspension and an engine snorkel. I thought this would make a great camper for someone who wants something abit different. any questions you can call me between 9 am and 9 pm on 07967 583749. please only contact if you are interested in buying it. I do not need to know if your friend has 1 or if you saw 1 for sale in 1972 12.99. you will be hard pressed to find a better example that turns heads like this does. please note the log book lists this as a 3.5 petrol for some unknown reason. I have spoken with the dvla and when the log book is sent off to change ownership I was advised to fill in the change of detail section to correct this mistake on the dvla side