Friday 16 March 2018

Land Rover Defender for Sale - Location Winchester UK

Sellers Comments -
Land Rover Defender 200tdi - fully restored.

I got this very solid Defender in October 2016 with the intention of using it for green laning. However, my circumstances have since changed and therefore it needs to go, rather than just sit on my drive.. Current mileage is 190K and was 188K when I bought it 18 months ago.

It is one of the most solid defenders you will find, having gone through a complete restoration by the previous owner. . I haven’t done anything to the vehicle and so the list below is what the previous owner had done. Defender comes with new 12 months MOT.

1. 200tdi 90 with extensive rebuild and full external respray.

2. Fantastic condition, great driver.

3. Bulkhead is solid and in great condition

4. Chassis is solid and in great condition, has been welded to restore, treaded with red oxide primer and painted

5. New rear prop

6. New clutch

7. New speedo cable

8. New front floor panels

9. Up-graded rear trailing arms

10. 2” lift

11. Brand new series doors all round with new glass

12. Bucket seats

13. Gearbox replaced about 3 years ago with a reconditioned unit that was bought second hand. Its never caused me any problems (LT77).

14. It comes with (but not fitted), head lining, CB radio, CD head unit and centre cubby box

15. Engine runs fantastic, no smoke, pulls like a train.

16. 188k miles

17. Engine is a Discovery 200TDI engine – replaced at some point in its lifetime

18. Defender was originally a pickup but was converted to a hard back during its restoration

19. Power steering

20. previous owner said timing belt was changed
Like I said before it has just gone through an MOT at a cost of £470, the work included in that was as follows:
1. New Alternator
2. New front brake pads
3. Replaced NS track rod end
4. Dismantle and adjust of Handbrake