Tuesday 1 November 2016

Land Rover defender 90 V8 3.9 Soft Top Galvanised Chassis

It was rebuilt and restored in September 2012. At this time the following upgrades were undertook.

Galvanised Chassis

Lowering springs and shock absorbers

Terrafirma Steering damper

Allmakes grooved and drilled dics all round

EBC Green Stuff Pads all round

New series doors

New clutch kit

Recently fully Polybushed

Bulkhead was fully repaired - This needed work on the foot wells

All Panels were flatted down, primed and painted in Land Rover Bali Blue inside and out. The chequerplate, grille, and light surrounds are painted a Jaguar Dorchester grey.

After this the 90 was reassembled using stainless bolts where ever they could be used. 

A Range Rover Classic of the same year was used as a donor vehicle as it was fitted with a 3.9 V8 that has some good performance modifications.

The spec of this is a follows;

3.9 V8

Big valve heads

Exhaust and inlet ports have been polished and enlarged

High lift Kent Cam

Kenlowe electric fan kit

Large bore tubular manifolds

K&N cone air filter

Stainless exhaust system

There is no paperwork to confirm the mods but there are plenty of paperwork and receipts for the donor vehicle.

The LT77 gearbox also comes from the donor Range Rover. It's the long stick type so the gear stick is in the correct position.

Axles are the later 24 spline type

Reconditioned 4 bolt steering box

All new copper brake pipes and Goodridge hoses fitted.

1 year old BFgoodrich Mud Terrain tyres on steel 8 spokes, one spare used tyre without rim.

New Speedo Cable

LED NAS  side lights fitted 

LED Headlights 

TD5 Clear side repeaters

Inside there is;

A pair of reconditioned seats with G4 retrim kits. Both seats are heated, only the drivers side appears to be working. 

Lockable steel Cubby Box

Momo steering wheel

Large Rev counter

Chequer plate floors.

No mats, No carpets just plain and simple hose out and clean. This suits me perfectly but be under no illusion there aren't any creature comforts!

The canvas hood is less than a year old. 


There is some aluminium corrosion to bottom of each door and side flank panels.

The paint is of good condition but not something that you would see leaving a Bentley showroom.

Temporary indicator can be seen on the front near side. The LED item was letting water in, it's currently drying out. 

Near side front wing vent has dropped off. Recent replacement item did the same before I could secure it in place. 

Trailer light illuminated on the dash at present which can be seen from the pictures, I assume the rear electrics might be slightly corroded.

MOT has just been carried out.

There is one very dog eared bench seat installed in the rear. No belts!

The rear brake disks are slightly warped. There is a faint judder felt through the pedal on high speed braking,

After the MOT less than a month ago the front brakes appear to bind partially on full lock. It's booked to go back for a check Wed 9th Nov.