Tuesday 8 November 2016

1957 Land Rover Series 1 107 Station Wagon (running & with V5)

Relisted with V5 & age related plates (693 UYT - Taxed and MOT exempt). Also have sourced 
a period centre bench seat. Also runs (was a dodgy battery lead in the end)! Great project needing minimal work 
to make roadworthy - photos show areas needing attention! I need the space and funds for my other 
projects. Can be driven for loading purposes - no pressure on brakes.

Rare Series 1 Station Wagon with a later 2.25L Petrol engine installed and is in the condition as per photos. Chassis and bulkhead are not rotten and are in remarkably good shape. Missing rear side facing seats (ones shown in pics are not part of the sale as they belong to another vehicle). Can be put on the road with very little work, but will take a fair bit of effort to make her look perfect! Heritage cert supplied - states this was originally green.

Open to reasonable offers