Saturday 21 June 2014

Land Rover Series One - Torphins

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Here for auction a nice old landrover series one,it has been resting for
a few years and is currently not running,but a new coil and a new fuel pump
would cure that,it turns freely on the starter. It is really quite solid,
chassis is sound with no welding required I can spot,footwells are good,rear
tub is sound and the bulkhead only needs tidying up at the usual place below
the windscreen. It has freewheel hubs fitted ,brakes are all free, and previous
owner said it had no mechanical issues prior to being laid up. Panel wise it is
nicely patinated ,If I was to hang on to it,and I wish circumstances were
different I would be tempted to make it safe to drive and leave the look ,that
only time can produce!. It is obviously tax exempt but also mot exempt too as it
is over 50 years old. I welcome any questions by e mail via the ask link but
will not suffer time wasting individuals so genuine enquiries only please.
There is a hardtop with it with some war wounds to it but it would tidy up
easily.Thanks for taking the time to read my spiel and best of luck with your